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this isn’t my food. but it was incredible.

6 Nov

Graffiato in DC.
If you live in Washington DC, go to Graffiato in Chinatown. Go. Right now. Go.

Countryman Pizza.

Coal fire pizza crust. 
Fontina cheese
Black truffles
Runny duck egg yolk (no white’s here, sorry gym buffs)
Upon bringing the pizza to your table, the waiter breaks the yolk and smears it around the pizza.
Then, you devour and you wonder how anything could ever taste so ingeniously amazing.
Savory, chewy, charred from the crust.
Familiar and melty from the fontina.
Sweet, gooey and rich from the runny egg yolk.
Earthy and decadent from the black truffle.
Thank you, Graffiato. Thank you.