rosemary popcorn

16 Nov
What You Need:
3 rosemary sprigs, 2 minced, 1 left whole
1 t vegetable or canola oil
2 T popcorn kernels
1-2 T butter
salt and pepper to taste
How You Do It:
heat a medium size sauce pan over medium heat. once hot, add the oil and the rosemary sprig. add 1 kernel to the pot. once the kernel pops, its time to put all of the kernels in. 
while waiting for the pan/ oil to heat, mince up the remaining rosemary:

Combine butter and half of the minced rosemary in a microwave safe bowl and microwave until the butter is melted. Add in a pinch of salt.

Once the tester kernel pops, add the 2 T of kernels to the pot along with the rest of the minced rosemary. Cover the pot and shake over the heat until most of the kernels pop. (follow the instructions on the popcorn bag)

Once the kernels have all popped, pour the popcorn into a bowl and top with the melted rosemary butter, salt and pepper!


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