I’m about to rock your pasta world.

7 Nov

I love pasta.
I don’t believe that “spaghetti night” is synonymous with a drab, whatever meal. \
Pasta is indeed very easy, but it is also very easy to make delicious.
A handful of people have stolen this dish from me, including some of my peers in culinary school. Just remember, this is 100% an Allie Dobin original creation, all of those people learned it from me-I assure you.

Let the world rocking commence…

That is not cheese on top. That is an egg. My poor photography skills have yet again botched up my plating. I guess that’s why I’m a cook not a photgrapher. 

What You Need: (and trust me, you do NEED this pasta in your life)
spaghetti, angel hair, linguine..whatever ya got.
olive oil
cherry tomatoes or regular tomatoes
crushed red pepper
fresh basil
1 egg

Ok, so usually the way i would make the sauce for this dish is to heat up olive oil and thinly sliced garlic in a saute pan. Add about 10 halved cherry tomatoes, salt, crushed red pepper and saute until tomatoes are softened, about 7 minutes. Being careful not to burn yourself with spewing lava tomato juice, smash the tomato halves with a fork, add basil, add pasta.

However, today I had my panko roasted tomato halves left over from last nights dinner (see winner winner chicken dinner post) so I did something a little different, and still totally delicious.

So, boil water. If you are doing the cherry tomato method than make the sauce as described above while the water boils. If you are using larger tomatoes or leftover tomatoes from the previous post than do as follows.

preheat the oven to 350. mince up one clove of garlic.
chiffonade some basil. chiffonade is fancy for slice into ribbons. you do this by rolling the leaves onto themselves into a little cigar type thing and then slicing perpendicular-ly.

put 2 tomato halves onto a baking sheet along with some olive oil, salt, and the minced garlic clove. bake for about 7-10 minutes, until the tomatoes are soft.

While the tomatoes are going, add salt to the boiling water. S-A-L-T. For one serving of pasta you should add this much salt. 

if you don’t believe me i dare you to cook a batch of pasta without salt and a batch of pasta with salt. taste the pasta without any sauce and see the incredible difference for yourself. or, just trust me, and salt the water.
add the pasta and let cook about 8 minutes, until al dente. 
while the tomatoes and pasta are going (this goes for either tomato preparation) prepare the piece de resistance…the runny fried egg. heat a saute pan on low heat. add some olive oil and add an egg. 
You want the egg to heat slowly so that there is no brown and so that the yolk is super runny. As soon as the white’s have set (all the part that is clear in this picture will be white) flip the egg over and turn the heat off. and put the pan on a burner that wasn’t just hot. now the pan with the egg will just hang out until you are ready for it in about 2 minutes. Since the pan was on such a low heat and is now off the heat completely, the small amount of heat remaining will result in a perfectly over-easy egg.
Take the tomatoes out and, using a fork, smash them up.

If using the cherry tomato in a saute pan method, just let the sauce hang out on a really low heat while the egg and the pasta finish cooking. 
Drain the pasta, reserving some of the pasta cooking water on the side. 
Either add the pasta to the saute pan with the cherry tomato garlic mixture or if using the method I used tonight, return the pasta to the cooking pot and add the mushed up roasted tomato mixture. If the consistency is really thick you can add some of the reserved pasta water to thin it out, if not just toss the water, adjust the seasonings on the pasta and add the egg on top. 
Then. Then!! THIS IS THE BEST PART!!! THEN! you take your fork and you stab the egg yolk a lot so that it just oozes all over your pasta…like this:
Now, you mix it all up so that the egg yolk is everywhere!
Enjoy!! This might be my favorite dish that I have ever created. Everyone who I have shared it with has thoroughly loved it and I know you will too!!

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